Cutting Oils


APkool T         Steelkut         Everkool

APCO cutting oils contain activated sulfur-lard and extreme pressure - antiwear additives assuring quick, accurate, and high quality cuts with minimum tool wear during sawing, turning or thread cutting of all types of metal. Oils provide excellent lubrication for cutting sharp threads.

APCO Everkool Waylubes are specifically compound oils developed for lubrication of machine tool slides and ways. They are intended to provide greater load carrying qualities, better antiwear characteristics, and adhesiveness. APCO Everkool Waylubes are blend from HVI Base Oils and ar non-corrosive to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Apkool T is a highly concentrated liquid containing extreme pressur lubricants. This product forms a transparant light green solution when diluted with water, dilute 20 to 35 parts water to 1 part Apkool T. It is highly recommended for CNC Machines, Band and cut off Saws, Laths and Mills and Grinding applications.